H&A: How It All Started and Where We Are Today

Welcome to H&A Hair Studio & Boutique Blog!

I am glad I can finally start this blog to share our story. H&A opened its door in 2012 while I was a state employee working full time as a Counselor with mentally ill patients. I had been working for the state for ten years and was ready for something different. As luck would have it, my daughter had just graduated from college after completing a demanding engineering program. So, together we started canvassing the street of downtown Burlington for a space. Few weeks later we found our shop at 227. At first, we were not that excited because the layout did not resemble to a typical hair braiding salon. But with a little bit of creativity we got not only a waiting room but a braiding and storage rooms as well.

Reaching Out

Looking for ways to engage more with our customers, we started a newsletter back in 2017 to write about natural hair care and hair braiding. We also used the newsletter to share the rich culture, diversity, tourism and the history of Africa. There are many beautiful untold stories about Africa especially in the areas of language, music and arts. Africa is a vast and rich continent that boasts an abundance of natural resources including gold, copper and oil. However, there is very little positive information about Africa in America. The existing information is centered on a continent with a hapless population where only poverty prevails. Although poverty does exist, Africa enjoys a strong middle-class population and even a wealthy one.

Expanding the business

Overs the past years, we have been through some setbacks and accomplishments. Prior to COVID-19, we developed a new hair care product “Chevelure Naturelle” that is now available on our online boutique and at our shop.

During the pandemic, we reinvented our business model to switch from the usual strictly face-to-face business model to a combined online and face-to-face model which has resulted to the creation of our online boutique.

Our journey has been quite remarkable and we are grateful to have been riding along with our valued customers who have been there from the very start of this journey. We appreciate your business and thank you for choosing H&A for your hair care needs. We are truly honored to have you as part our growing family and look forward to many more years of continued valuable relationship.

From now on, we will be using the blog to share our stories.

Stay tuned for our first post about “Tips On How to Care and Maintain Your Natural Hair”

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