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Excellent African Hair Braiding Styles for Kids

As parents, we want our children to look their best and feel confident in their appearances. As a child grows, taking care of his/her natural hair to keep it in beautiful condition is important. This can be done with the right hair styling and using professional’s natural hair care products like Chevelure Naturelle. Many parents also want to find ways to style their children’s natural hair that do not involve chemical processes that can leave the hair damaged and brittle. This is where braiding can be a perfect solution.

Braids are low maintenance and will give any child a polished look day-in and day-out. They can be done in a variety of ways, allowing a child to express preferential styles, which can benefit a parent by cutting down on the work done each day to get the child ready and out the door. If a kiddo has short hair, have no fear because there are numerous styles with extensions for short hair.

Before doing braids on a child’s hair, remember to make sure that the natural hair is well cleansed and conditioned. Also, make sure to not braid to the very edge of the hairline as this can cause these fragile strands to break. Be gentle and don’t pull too hard so as to not cause tension baldness, which can lead to permanent bald patches on the scalp.

Once the braiding process has begun, keep the fragile locks in pristine condition by using organic natural hair care products such as Chevelure Naturelle. The following list of hair braiding styles with extensions work well for short or long hair.


These 3-strand plaits can be created by braiding extensions into shorter hair or by braiding hair that is naturally longer. To begin, the hair is parted into smaller sections across the scalp, and then each section is braided down to its length. These braids are best when done in chunks of hair, and therefore give a fun movement to the hair. Baubles and beads at the end of box braids can look exceptionally cute with kids.


Cornrows are a braiding style that is great for both girls and boys. When cornrows are created, the hair is brought into the braid in an underhand movement to create flat plaits that follow the line of the braid. Cornrows are braided to the scalp and can be done in a linear fashion or intricate curvy designs. Cornrows are especially great hairstyles with extensions for short hair.


When it comes to African hair braiding styles for kids, crochet braids are definitely worth to mention. This style allows extensions to be easily added to the hair, often with a crochet-like hook as the braiding is done. Crochet braids have the advantage of being inexpensive and rather simple and quick to do, which is a bonus for little ones who may not want to sit still for hours.

We hope this quick look at African braiding styles for kids brings some inspiration to you as you look for new styles for the little ones in your life.

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