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It is time to bring out the best in you and nothing does that like a brand new hair style. You get a glance from the corner of someone's eye as they walk by and the staff from H&A sure recognizes that. We, at H&A Hair Braiding and Boutique  know what it takes to bring out the best in you. An exciting, dynamic, and feel great experience awaits at our salon. We invite you to come in and see what a difference a staff of truly passionate and dedicated hair braiders and stylists at the top of their profession can do for you. We recognize that every client has a unique individuality and we take the extra time to ensure that you are 100% thrilled with your new hairdo. It takes a true professional to make sure your braids will be tailored to your individual style and taste. We would be truly honored to have you as a customer as well as a part of our growing family.

About Us

At H&A HAir Braiding , it's all about you. Our stylists have the right attitude, talent and skills to bring out the best in you.


H&A Hair Braiding cares deeply about making your visit pleasant and comfortable. Our customers are constantly telling us they have the best time at our salon, and we promise to do the same for you. Here at H&A, we create smiles.


Children are also H&A's specialty. 



Care for Your Braids

Keep your Braids wrapped at night

Keeping your hair rapped at night will help in maintaining your braids and in keeping them look new and fresh for a longer time. You should also be aware that keeping your braids for too long is not always a good idea as you own hair might start to lock and how fast this occurs depends on the texture of your hair. 

Avoid having your edges, especially the front braided too small and too tight

To avoid breakage of your edges, ask your stylist to make sure the parts are slightly bigger to reduce the pulling of your most fragile (around the egdes) hair follicles.

Be gentle on your hair when taking out your braids

If you notice that your hair has locked (which happens most of the time) while removing your braids, consider soaking the hair with deep conditioning (your hair damp with water) until the locks loosen up a little bit before you start combing through the hair.

H&A Boutique

At H&A, it is more than just braids! We want to go beyond just putting braids on your hair. With the new upcoming boutique, you can find a great variety of beauty products that will help you enhance your natural beauty. You will especially love this boutique because of our unique collection of items from Africa ranging from hand made bracelets, waist beads, walets, clothing and much more. 

H&A Newsletter

Welcome to the second edition of our newsletter!! We intend to make it a regular publication and to use it to share information on what is happening in our shop. And to keep you up to date on all stuff relating to African braids, beauty and the African culture itself. Click here to read 

Ask For Discount Offers

Customer service and satisfaction is always a priority with our staff. We take great pride in the loyalty of our customers. We treat our most loyal customers with perks including special discount offers. Just ask us about the types of discount offers and how you can qualify for any of them. 

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